Non 3Ds Payment Gateway


First of all, 2D Payment Gateway is important to start a business. It allow merchants to give facilities to their customers with fast and user friendly. In Addition, Payment Gateway offers customized merchant accounts to business owners. Either it is 2D payment gateway or 3D.  Similarly, IPG is working with domestic and International bank accounts. In reality, If business owner wants to have an merchant account, owner should apply for payment gateway. Moreover, it is not easy and not even impossible.

What Is Merchant Account ?

Merchant Account is same as bank account. It allows business owners to accept the payments by debit or credit cards. This is not easy to obtain an merchant account. Moreover, to have an account service providers should follow few steps. Payment Gateway is of two types. They are 3D & 2D Payment Gateway. They are as follows

2D Payment Gateway

This is an account where customers can do transaction online without one time password and without security check. It is safe and hassle free and can be done through debit, credit cards and also E-check. This can be used across the world.

3D Payment Gateway

This is an account where customers do transaction online with one time password and with security check. It can be used country by country. Furthermore, it is user friendly and secure. Any kind of card payment which process through direct service is 3D payment.

What is Non 3Ds Payment Gateway?

  • It acts like a merchant between customer and business owners. It is fast and user friendly but,with low security.
  • High risk and low risk businesses can use payment gateway
  • Identically, it is used for many business owners keep their transaction safe and secure.
  • Similarly, 3D International Payment Gateway is also same as 2D
  • At last, 2D has low security
2D Payment Gateway
2D Payment Gateway

How Non 3Ds Payment Gateway Works ?

  •  It is easy to integrate with several banks . Though, it’s security is low but, it works fast
  • Just as, 2D payment gateway supports by all web platforms Internationally.
  • In fact, these cards are in use since many years .
  • This can be 2D or 3D Payment Gateway

Benefits of Non 3Ds Payment Gateway

  • International  payment Gateway is for all high and low risk  businesses.
  • It works on daily,weekly,monthly basis
  • 2D Payment Gateway has specific measures to keep thorough check on the transaction. This process is done directly between merchant and bank without one time password.
  • Fast Application Approval. It might be longer for Offshore Applications.
  • Apart from this, Faster Settlements are also available such as, Daily, Weekly, Monthly. This is fixed by our acquiring banker depending up on Volume, Charge back ratio and Business history.
  • Merchant can collect Payments in Multi currency like USD and EUR.
  • In Addition, Dedicated MID and Dedicated Descriptor can be provided.
  • Last but not least, Real time transaction report can downloaded from Dashboard in Excel and PDF format.

Services Of Non 3Ds Payment

  • Non 3Ds payment gateway works as a third party merchant.
  • In addition, International Non 3Ds payment gateway provides many kinds of services like credit card, virtual terminal, E-check but, not one time password.
  • Integration is easy in IPG.
  • International Payment Gateway stores the data, process or transmit card holder data.
  • In Addition to this, 3Ds payment gateway has high security and more convenient.
  • Thus, payment gateway is the third party merchant account.

IPG can help you with all payment solutions as follows:

  • 2D High Risk Payment Gateway
  • International Payment Gateway for Online Business
  • Offshore Payment Gateway for E commerce Business
  • For 2D Merchant Account
  • 2DS High Risk Merchant Account
  • Merchant Account 2D International
  • Offshore Merchant Account 2D
  • Credit Card Processing 2D
  • High Risk Credit Card Processing 2D
  • eCommerce Credit Card Processing 2D
  • Mobile Credit Card Processing 2D

Do you want to Apply online for 2d payment gateway to process debit and credit cards online quickly and securely. For further Information contact us 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why 2D payment gateway is low secure?

    2D payment gateway is low secure because it do not ask for one time password. Naturally, the 3D transactions have added features that make a given transaction more secure than its counterpart transaction, which is a 2D Transaction

  • Which currencies does IPG Support?

    Merchant can accept desired local Currency to take payments. We have Multiple Acquirers to accept various currencies. Merchant account processing with Dedicated Merchants will propel your business with lowest rates in the industry.

  • How easy it to use?

    We have most Shopping cart Modules available. Our API is easy to use, enables merchants to process consumer payments. False Decline Management, CNP Prevention Services, Charge back Mitigation, Fraud Alerts.