Credit Card Processing


As a matter of fact, Credit Card Processing is an extremely complex process. It involves multiple steps to complete. In general, Credit Card Processing will follow four steps. The merchant bank, the credit card processor, the card networks. Consumer bank plays crucial role in processing credit card. Now a days, Credit cards are in use all over the world. It also plays a key role in our lives. We cannot deny that it made our work very easy.

Moreover, Dealing with technology and managing complex systems is part of modern life. Not all credit card processors offer 24/7  live customer support. But, International Payment Gateway provides you 24/7 customer support. Besides, Credit card transactions will happen in 15 seconds.

First of all,  information passes from the cardholder and flows through the merchant’s bank. Then, credit card networks to the cardholder’s bank. Once that bank approves or denies the transaction. It flows in reverse back through the same chain to the merchant. To clarify, them know if the payment went through.

credit card processing

How Does IPG Credit Card Processing Works ?

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The first step in credit card processing happens on the consumer level. When card holder enters transaction details on the payment page. It redirects to the merchant account.In the second step, the merchant accepts and collects the transaction information.

The merchant step can also happen online for card not present transaction. Uniquely, IPG merchants use an online gateway to collect the payment from their customer.

credit card processing


The Credit Card Processing collects that information. It is responsible for sending that to the other stages. It also communicate with the third parties. Importantly, it’s primary role is to send information to the card network.

Thirdly, customer’s card will operate one of the major credit card networks. Once the networks receive the payment information from the processor. Then they pass it to your customer’s bank.

Consumer Bank

The cardholder’s bank then receives the payment request. They verify whether the cardholder has the appropriate funds. Or minimum credit to complete the purchase. The bank may also follow some additional security measures. To verify whether the purchase is legitimate, and not fraudulent.

Importantly, the bank denies the purchase if they deems that there is no fund.

credit card processing


Lastly, if bank accepts at that point, customers accounts will be charged. Then, the transaction amount will deposits into  IPG merchants bank account. IPG charges are very low comparatively others. IPG  settle process on daily, weekly, monthly basis.

Last step, the process is to settle the transaction and release funds from the cardholder bank to the merchants bank.

Benefits Of Credit Card Processing

  • First Of All, IPG is fast and secure. IPG provides multiple ways to the customers.
  • First and foremost IPG is a third party merchant account. Third parties involve in credit card processing.
  • Uniquely, it’s charges are low. It facilitates their customers in an convenient way.
  • Importantly, there is no cancellation fees. We provide 24/7 customer support. IPG do Settle Monthly/Weekly/Daily depends on Volume.
  • We accept all Global Debit, Credit and Prepaid Cards on our Safe & Secure Payment Platform.
  • IPG have most Shopping cart Modules available. Our API is easy to use. It enables merchants to process consumer payments.
  • Last but not least,  PCI, DSS details security requirements for business owners. It stores, process or transmits cardholder data.

 Need Help

Want to start a new business online. Waiting for a merchant account. International Payment Gateway will support you  24/7 with less charges and no cancellation fees . 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is credit card processing?

    A credit card processor is a third party company appointed by a merchant to handle transactions from various channels such as credit cards and debit cards for merchant acquiring banks.

  • What are the steps followed for credit card processor?

    In general, Credit Card Processing will follow four steps. The merchant bank, the credit card processor, the card networks. Consumer bank plays crucial role in processing credit card

  • How does online credit card processing work?

    Credit card information is sent to the Payment Gateway via a secure channel. The Payment Gateway routes the credit card to the appropriate Internet Merchant Account. Internet Merchant Account connects to the Merchant Account for credit card processing. The result is passed back to the Gateway and then the application