International Payment Gateway Indonesia

International Payment Gateway Indonesia

International Payment Gateway Indonesia

International payment gateway Indonesia is payment gateway provider for merchant. Actually, Payment gateways are one of the most important features of any online e-commerce store. Besides, The main motivation behind the success of any online business is, how well customers are converting. Importantly, if a customer wants to buy something form your website, first they need to have trust in your store. Therefore, Payment gateways can help you to develop that trust. It is also very important to choose best payment gateway for your website.

IPG is one of the Best International Payment Gateway Providers in Indonesia. Besides, offering Customized Merchant Accounts to E-Commerce and Virtual Terminal – MOTO Businesses Worldwide. Similarly, Working With Domestic And International Acquiring Banks.

IPG Indonesia

Factors Of International Payment Gateway Indonesia

  • International Payment Gateway Indonesia is the smoothest option in terms of customer experience. So, IPG Payment form is integrated on your website, details go to secure payment gateway.
  • Importantly, We eliminate needless complexity and irrelevant details from our customers. So, that they can reach us in couple of minutes.
  • Identically, We improve customer services. And also We offer virtual terminal services when you are in need.
  • Our payment gateway is best platform to run an e-Commerce website.
  • Importantly, PCI DSS details security requirements for businesses that store, process or transmit cardholder data obtain by PSP’s.
  • First of all, International Payment Gateway in Indonesia supports high risk and low risk businesses.Uniquely, We also provide Offshore merchant accountand are often the ideal payment solutions for high risk business in Indonesia.
  • Finally, MDR cost for the each transaction is 4% . However, it also depends upon the business.

High Risk Payment Gateway in Indonesia

IPG is providing solution for all High risk Businesses across Globe. is the best performing gateway in terms of success rates and routing your transaction through it.

IPG Checkout offers a secure, smooth and fast transaction experience. This feature enables customers to store their credit and debit card credentials, billing and shipping details in a PCI-DSS compliant environment for future use. Card details are saved in an encrypted format and customers have to only enter the CVV and 3D secure password when doing their next transaction.

This process simplifies speedy transactions, better customer retention, and encourages repeat purchases.

2D Payment Gateway in Indonesia

IPG is well known 2d payment gateway service provider in Indonesia for all types of business either high risk or low risk. The company has shown their professional excellence in the field of 2d payment gateway. We are one stop online payment solution provider to merchant who wish to make online transactions. IPG is having group of payment gateway experts who have vast experience in this field. We provide our safe and secure online 2d payment gateways services at best price.

International Payment Gateway Services In Indonesia


Generally, We do Settle Monthly/Weekly/Daily depends on Volume into your Local Business.


At First, Merchant can get an account set up in Days time frame depending on Documents. We too have Multiple Acquirers to accept various currencies.


Identically, False Decline Management, CNP Prevention Services, Charge back Mitigation, Fraud Alerts. Moreover, Quick Setup Fee


We also accept all Global Debit, Credit and Prepaid Cards on our Safe & Secure Payment Platform. Besides, Quick setup fee


Importantly, PCI DSS details security requirements for businesses that store, process or transmit cardholder data obtain by PSP's.


Firstly, Merchant can accept desired local Currency to take payments. We too have Multiple Acquirers to accept various currencies.


A virtual terminal is basically the web version of a physical credit card terminal or Point-of-Sale machine.


We have most Shopping cart Modules available. Moreover, Our API is easy to use, enables merchants to process consumer payments.


We also offer Address Verification Services, Payment Brand Data Security and Card Security Verification.


In addition, 3D payment gateway facilitates payment transaction transfer of information. Between a payment such as a website. Additional Services are less

Online Payment Gateway Industry In Indonesia

ipg indonesia

Online business opportunities are increasing rapidly. In reality, There are numerous opportunities for an individual to start with. Previously,  Merchants traveled long miles to purchase exquisite goodies and deliver those to the buyers and also make profits. Caravans used to spend months on the road. Today, the same journey happens but, faster through the world web.

Our IPG In Indonesia securely and efficiently connects your website with the banks, guaranteeing an instant way to access the

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Hello Sir,
    We are Indonesians. We own travel business. Recently we expand it internationally. we want a payment gateway international and want to know about your rates and security measures. In how many days will you be able to settle the money?

    1. Hello Habibie,
      Thank you for visiting our website International Payment Gateway. Yes, we will provide payment gateway international. We propel your business with the lowest rates in the industry. PCI DSS details security requirements for businesses that store, process or transmit cardholder data obtain by PSP’s. Further Information Contact us

  2. We are starting a online gambling business, so i need a payment gateway but make a own software or purchase a software for payment gateway. Do you sell the payment gateway software?

    1. Hello Mikel,
      We are happy that you visited our website and showed interest in us. Yes, we will provide the international payment gateway to our customers for any business or also provide the software. If you want to know more about payment gateway contact us

  3. We are from Indonesia. We are going to start an online education business. will you provide merchant account and payment gateway for us? We want a high-security platform where we can easily manage.

    1. Hello Kevin,

      Thank you for visiting our website International payment gateway We will provide payment gateway and merchant account for all kinds of businesses. We have connections with International banks. We have a fast account set up. if you have any other queries about us please contact us

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