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What Is Online Payment Gateway ?

First of all,  payment gateway is an e-commerce application that authorizes payments for e-businesses, including online retailers, bricks and clicks, or traditional brick and also mortar businesses. Furthermore, Payment gateways conceal sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, to ensure that information passes securely between the customer and the merchant.

First and foremost, A payment gateway facilitates a payment transaction by the transfer of information between a payment portal  and the front end processor or acquiring bank. Thus, Our Online payment gateway is integrated with almost all websites. Last but not least, we support many industries.

Identically, A payment gateway refers to the front-end technology that reads payment cards and sends customer information to the merchant acquiring bank for processing. Importantly, The payment gateway is an important aspect of all electronic payment card processing.

online payment gateway

How Payment Gateway Works ?

  • First Of All, customer places an order online and enter his transaction details by clicking submit button or any other option.If the order is through website, information is passed from customer web browser to merchants web browser. Eventually, Payment Gateway may allow transaction data to be sent directly from customer’s web browser to the gateway.
  • Equally, All payment gateways serve as the first step in an electronic payment transaction. And then, The payment gateway transmits the customer’s information to the merchant’s acquiring bank. Bank receives the authorization request and sends response immediately that the transaction is either declined or received.
  • Bank will decline the request due to insufficient funds or if they seems that the transaction risk is high. In that case, customer should prove his identity through username and password. To clarify, this processor sends information to the payment gateway.
  • Later, payment gateway receives the response and send it to the merchant’s website. Then, merchant will fulfill the order after receiving payment from the customer’s acquiring bank. Eventually, The merchant submits all their approved authorizations, to their acquiring bank for settlement via its processor.
  • Finally, payment will be deposited to the merchants account.

Types Of Payment Gateway

2D Payment Gateway

First of all, This is also known as Two-Domain Service payment gateway where customers can do transaction online without one time password and without security check. Furthermore, It is safe and hassle free and can be done through debit, credit cards and also E-check.

3D Payment Gateway

Importantly, This is an account where customers do transaction online with one time password and with security check. It is also used country by country. Moreover, it is user friendly and secure. Generally, Any kind of card payment which process through direct service is 3D payment.

Who We Are?

In General, We are payment gateway and merchant service providers Internationally. IPG provide International Payment Gateway for high risk, low risk businesses. In addition, We also accept offshore payment gateway for E-commerce business. Moreover, Our team facilitate to the customers in multiple ways likewise, 2Ds payment gateway, 3Ds payment gateway,credit card processing including high and low risk credit card processing, e-check and virtual terminal. Last but not least, e-Commerce credit card processing.

Benefits Of International Payment Gateway


Merchant account processing with Dedicated Merchants will propel your business with lowest rates in the industry.


We have most Shopping cart Modules available. Our API is easy to use, enables merchants to process consumer payments.

Fast Account Set Up

Merchant can accept desired local Currency to take payments. We have Multiple Acquirers to accept various currencies.


Uniquely, False Decline Management, CNP Prevention Services, Charge back Mitigation, Fraud Alerts. No cancellation Fees.


To sum up, We accept all Global Debit, Credit and Prepaid Cards, including E-checks on our Safe & Secure Platform.


3D payment gateway facilitates payment transaction information between a payment such as, a website.


Identically, E check payment gateway is simply a software application. It is basically, an agreement between an eCommerce website and payment gateway.


Uniquely, We offer Address Verification Services, Payment Brand Data Security and Card Security Verification. Moreover, it is very safe and secure.


First Of All, virtual terminal is an application service where merchant can check all the transactions and get inquiry. Importantly, we protect your card information.


PCI DSS details security requirements for businesses that store, process or transmit cardholder data. American Express. Moreover, we also worked with high risk industries.

Multi Currency

Equally, Merchant can accept desired local Currency to take payments. We have Multiple Acquirers to accept various currencies on our safe and secure payment platform


Therefore, We do Settle Monthly, Weekly, Daily depends on Volume into your Local Business. Uniquely, we don't charge any cancellation fees. Besides,we offer very less amount.

Online International Payment Gateway

In brief, Our online payment gateway has received over 10 awards since 2016, Including three Gold Stevie’s from. The American Business Awards, and three CNP Customer Choice Awards in the Best E-Commerce Platform/Gateway category. Along with its Omani channel capabilities, advanced security methods and fraud management tools. Moreover, the IPG Gateway has emerged as a top choice for our merchants and suppliers.

Features to look for in an online payment gateway

With many payment choices available to customers, it is important for businesses to have the right payment gateway. While considering one, they need to look for a payment gateway that is not only secure but also provides convenience to the customers.

Here are some features that are a must consider while evaluating a payment gateway for your needs:

One of the most important features to consider in a payment gateway is security. Not only is this important for you, but for your


customers as well. When selecting a payment gateway, you must ensure that the platform provides robust security and this is something that is addressed if the payment gateway is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant.

Easy integration

Look for a payment gateway that allows plugins to seamlessly integrate with your existing platform. With payment integration enabled, you save on the effort of manually updating your records, which also reduces the scope of errors. Every time there is a new sale and the payment is done digitally, it will start reflecting on the tool you are already using.

Detailed reporting

For many retailers, a payment gateway is only a virtual terminal that captures the transactions done, However, if set up correctly, it can offer you much more than that. A good payment gateway can offer detailed reporting and faster reconciliation that can help you make informed business decisions.

Invoicing options

Having a secure payment gateway with an in-built invoice capability can be a blessing for any retailer. This helps in streamlining the payment process and can offer a convenient way of accepting payments.

Multiple payment options

With customers opting for digital payments, your payment gateway should be able to accept a multitude of payment options such as debit/credit cards, wallets, and rewards. When a retailer gives its customers the convenience of paying via their preferred mode of payment, it helps in gaining their confidence, leading to repeat visits, and a boost in sales.

Fast processing speed

The speed at which the money gets transferred from a customer’s account to a retailer’s account is extremely important. A faster processing speed gives customers a hassle-free user experience.

IPG  has helped several of our merchant partners accept online payments quickly and securely. In addition to the above listed features, we also offer additional features like in-built EMI calculator, email and SMS-based invoicing, customised checkout experience to customers, etc.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do we apply for online payment gateway IPG

    First of all, payment gateway is an e-Commerce application that authorizes payments for e-business. You need to apply for IPG . Moreover, Application charges will be applied. Later, IPG will check with the bank whether you have any fraud loans or business history. If it is clear we will approve your application. Besides We don't charge any cancellation fees

  • How long will it take to set-up an Merchant account with the bank?

    Identically, This depends on which bank you have decided to set-up an Internet merchant account with. Typically this should take two to four weeks however, this could take longer depending on how quickly you can provide any necessary documentation. So please take this into consideration in your project time scales. Typically, the quicker you respond to the banks quotation the quicker the account can be activated.

  • Do you have any hold back fees ?

    According to the business risk, there is Roll-Over Reserve between 5-10% . Businesses maintaining the Charge back/Return Ratio can also over -ride Roll-Over Reserve Clause. Holding Period: 10 Days Arrears


    1. Hello Lucas,

      We are happy that you visited our website and showed interest in us. We provide the best Online Payment Gateway to our customers. With an internet payment gateway, you can process credit card orders from your website in real-time. The payment gateway then captures the credit card transaction, encrypts the transaction information, routes it to the credit card processor and then returns either an approval or decline notice. If you want to know more about us contact us

    1. Hello Luke,

      Thank you so much for visiting our website International Payment Gateway and showing interest in us. Perform the following steps to configure your payment gateway:

      Click your username at the top right and navigate to Settings > Payments > Setup Payment Gateway.
      Select the payment gateway from the Gateway Type drop-down.
      Click to create a gateway.
      Enter the required information for the selected gateway. Further More details about the payment gateway please contact us.

    1. Hello Rajdeep,

      Thank you so much for visiting our website International Payment Gateway and showing interest in us. The initial cost of creating your own payment gateway is typically higher than paying the associated fees to use an external payment gateway; however, by opting to go with a custom platform you are also investing in a long-term product for your company that is optimized to meet your specific business needs. Further More details about the payment gateway please contact us.

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