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IPG is one of the Best International Payment Gateway Providers. Besides, offering Customized Merchant Accounts to E-Commerce and Virtual Terminal - MOTO Businesses Worldwide. Similarly, Working With Domestic And International Acquiring Banks.Using IPG enable your Worldwide customers to make international payments using local credit cards, debit cards and net banking payment options


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Identically, An electronic check is an electronic version like paper check used to make payments online. Collect money with no middleman.


We also offer Address Verification Services, Payment Brand Data Security and Card Security Verification.


A virtual terminal is basically the web version of a physical credit card terminal or Point-of-Sale machine.


Importantly, PCI DSS details security requirements for businesses that store, process or transmit cardholder data obtain by PSP's.


Firstly, Merchant can accept desired local Currency to take payments. We too have Multiple Acquirers to accept various currencies.


Generally, We do Settle Monthly/Weekly/Daily depends on Volume into your Local Business.


Merchant account process with Dedicated Merchants to propel your business with lowest rates in the industry.


We have most Shopping cart Modules available. Moreover, Our API is easy to use, enables merchants to process consumer payments.


At First, Merchant can get an account set up in Days time frame depending on Documents. We too have Multiple Acquirers to accept various currencies.


We also accept all Global Debit, Credit and Prepaid Cards on our Safe & Secure Payment Platform. Besides, Quick setup fee


Identically, False Decline Management, CNP Prevention Services, Charge back Mitigation, Fraud Alerts. Moreover, Quick Setup Fee


In addition, 3D payment gateway facilitates payment transaction transfer of information. Between a payment such as a website. Additional Services are less

High-Risk International Payment Gateway

First and Foremost High-risk International payment gateway is one who sells product associated with fraudulent purchases and also charge backs products that require age checks. Importantly, The Government regulations on some industries also lead to a high-risk designation.

Because of the frequency of e-Commerce, Merchants don’t meet the required regulations. Since, sellers of these types of products are more likely to encounter legal problems, payment processors. And also often avoid working with merchants. Likewise, High-risk industries in order to protect themselves from additional liability.

IPG offers payment solutions to businesses in High-risk industries, which means that as payment processing providers, our banks are willing to accept the liability for the increased risk associated with those businesses that are categorized as needing a High-risk merchant account. Our High-risk payment gateway makes High-risk credit card processing safer and more secure with integrated fraud solutions to prevent chargebacks.

High-Risk Payment Gateway
low risk international payment gateway

Low Risk International Payment Gateway

The Low Risk International Payment Gateway Providers are businesses which are a subset of services that allow businesses to accept card payments from customers. Moreover, Credit card processors assign merchants to one of two categories. High risk or low (normal) risk, based on a number of factors.

First of all High-risk merchants face limited choices in processors and also higher fees and stricter contracts. But, Low-Risk business industries will get faster approval with low MDR fee to depend on volume. In addition, Being as high-risk sounds bad.

With the numerous subsidiaries, IPG offers multi-currency management and support for each country. With the following features, IPG offers you a hassle-free and easily integrated payment gateway that can accept online payments over the world.

High Risk Merchant Account

Firstly, The high-risk merchant account provider industry is not necessarily known for its commitment to honesty and ethical business practices. Identically, Charge backs are the biggest concern for High-Risk businesses. Besides,  it is one of the main factors in lowered approval ratings. So, We work with Ethical and Verify to make Charge backs to lower.

IPG specializes in payment processing solutions for businesses that require high-risk merchant accounts to process credit card payments.

Banks classify businesses in certain industries, as well as many online businesses, as high-risk merchants for a variety of reasons, including large numbers of chargebacks. Chargebacks are the fees credit card providers demand businesses pay to cover the losses from disputed or fraudulent transactions.




High Risk Merchant Account
Low Risk Merchant Account

Low Risk Merchant Account

First and foremost, Merchant account acquirers identify the level of risk before on-boarding any merchant. They do this based on various factors. After analysis of the merchant profile, the processor classifies the merchants as Low-Risk Merchant Account. So, these businesses attract the lowest amount of credit risk. In fact, these are from low risk industries but may have experienced high charge backs in the past.

Through, our wide range of acquiring bank partners, IPG Offers custom payment processing solutions that can have your business accept credit cards

Online Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is an application that makes the online payment process very simple and easy. It is actually a medium that connects a merchant’s mobile application or website with the bank. When you make payments through a payment gateway, the merchant’s website sends your debit/credit card details to the gateway for confirmation. The payment gateway then verifies the details from the bank and the amount gets transferred from your bank account to the merchant’s bank account.’

First of all, a payment gateway is a merchant service provided by an e-commerce application service provider. It also authorizes credit card or direct payments processing for e-businesses, online retailers, clicks. Moreover, Online businesses are increasing and also becoming global similar to nature. However, One solution is all it takes to offer a local shopping experience in different corners of the world.

So several businesses today have customers from hundreds of countries for offshore merchant account. When your customer buys something online, they have to pay online too. Clearly, To make this process encrypted and safe and to make more transactions between buyer and seller even more safe and secure



online payment gateway
Offshore Merchant Account

Offshore Merchant Account

Especially, There are two principal motivations for choosing an offshore merchant account providers rather than one, based in the World. Predominantly, it can be easier to obtain an offshore merchant-account rather than one. Undoubtedly, This applies to start-ups and businesses involved in offshore merchant account high-risk industries.

Such as gaming, dating websites, adult services, subscription services and businesses where payments are taken well in advance for delivery. Therefore, Business owners with poor credit histories can often find that they can obtain an offshore merchant account when they cannot do so in the online.

Virtual Terminal

Generally, Virtual terminals are web-based applications that allow you to enter credit card details manually via internet. And also, This solution enables you to make a payment over the phone or in-person from your computer.  As well as that, many types of businesses need a secure way to take payments over the phone or in person, but may not need or want to purchase hardware.

Mostly, Some of the businesses require MOTO similar to Food Delivery, Mechanics, Debt Collections, Remote Freelance work, Accountants. Importantly, The good news is that virtual terminals are a secure and PCI compliant. It is because the transaction takes place through a payment gateway that utilizes either data encryption or token to secure sensitive information during transmission.

Virtual Terminal

International Merchant Account

First of all, we are International Merchant Account Providers process credit card transactions. As well as, we offer a wide range of other merchant services. Including International merchant accounts and credit cards processing for businesses worldwide. For that reason, You need to have the best customer service because to have a safe transaction to respond to the customer faster.

In another way, technically merchant account providers,  Accepting cards as payment sounds simple. So, many parties are involved in moving each transaction through a secure connection between the merchant processor, credit card network and the card-issuing bank  including your business’s bank account. The customer’s information travels through this secure network, and after the card is debited for the transaction. In the final step, funds are deposited into your bank account.

Online International Payment Gateway

In General, IPG is one of the Best International Payment Gateway Providers. In addition to that providing Customized Merchant Accounts to E-Commerce, PCS and MOTO Businesses Worldwide. Similarly, Working With Domestic And International Acquiring Banks. We will also provide you with very generous monthly processing caps while allowing you to accept large ticket transactions.

For that reason we can even connect you to a local, offshore or international acquiring bank for your online credit card processing needs. Furthermore, information contact us. Therefore, Our merchant account managers are always available for your Help Support.

IPG Philippines
E Check Payment Gateway

E Check Payment Gateway

IPG is here to look after your every payment gateway related needs. We, being one of the most trusted eCheck Payment Gateway providers, are offering you a wide range of payment options. eCheck is one of the most popular payment options for all industries and our company is here to provide you with this payment solution. There is an uncountable number of reasons why eCheck Payment Gateway is perfect for every business type. It allows the merchants to add an extra payment option to their various payments platforms.

In General, an E-check payment gateway is simply a software application. Furthermore, expand your transaction options and get faster processing than paper checks, with direct ACH payments from banks to your website.

Identically, E-Check processing can convert a paper check received from a customer into an electronic transfer or an e-check payment gateway for tech support. E-checks are more affordable alternative to credit cards, and also faster than paper checks, and allow you to automate your billing process with recurring charges.

Credit Card Processing

First and foremost, Credit Card Processing can be reduced to one of six steps. Following, each of these steps is involved with transferring a cardholder’s payment information and also authorization from one party to another. Importantly, The primary job of the credit card processing cycle is to determine whether a purchase has the necessary funds to be completed.

Further, Transactions with an EMV chip credit card take on average 15 seconds to complete. So, It’s important to note that at this point no funds are released yet, meaning the transaction is not completely settled. Clearly, That is a separate process that can take up to several days to complete, depending upon the card networks involved. Generally speaking, Visa and MasterCard transactions tend to settle faster than American Express.

Credit Card Processing
E Commerce Payment Gateway

E Commerce Payment Gateway

To begin with, A payment gateway is a part of e-commerce service. It also processes credit card payments for online transactions and traditional brick and mortar stores. Moreover, these payment gateways facilitate the transactions by transferring key information between payment portals such as web-enabled mobile devices/websites.

And also the front end processor/bank. Whenever a customer place an order from an online store, The international e -Commerce payment gateway performs several tasks to finalize the transactions.

3D Payment Gateway

First of all, 3D payment gateway facilitates are payment transaction by the transfer of information. Between a payment such as a website, mobile phone or interactive voice response service. And the front end processor or acquiring bank. The 3d Payment Gateway genuine is an additional fraud prevention scheme.

That is available to all companies using the Sage of merchant account not 3d secure enabled Pay systems to process transactions. Furthermore, 3D merchant account allows shoppers to create and assign a password to their card. That is verified whenever a transaction is processing by a site that supports the use of the scheme.

3D Payment Gateway
2D Payment Gateway

2D Payment Gateway

Welcome to IPG, Online 2d Payment Gateway – well known 2d payment gateway service provider for all types of business either high risk or low risk. Nowadays, 2d Payment Gateway is very important for every business.

Firstly, It allows merchants to facilitate their customer’s with fast & convenient payment options is the Bank itself providing its own Payment Gateway. Currently, We provide third Party 2D Payment Gateway acquiring banks from Europe, USA.


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Easily invoice your clients with legal firms and layers payment solutions. Stunning payment technology seamlessly bolts on to your existing business management software. Supports Law Brokers.


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Travel & Hospitality

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Retail is the process of selling consumer goods or services to customers through multiple channels of distribution to earn a profit. Retailers satisfy demand identified through a supply chain.


E-commerce, also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce, refers to the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet. Moreover the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions.

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Financial & Services

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Cards We Accept

international payment gateway visa
master card
international payment gateway amex card
international payment gateway unionpay
international payment gateway discover
international payment gateway amex jcb

Benefits of IPG Online International Payment Gateway

In conclusion, International Payment Gateway provides best possible payment gateway for our customers. Importantly, Our online payment gateway has received over 10 awards since 2016. Including three Gold Stevie’s from The American Business Awards.

Furthermore, three CNP Customer Choice Awards in the Best E-Commerce Platform/Gateway category.With its Omani channel capabilities, advanced security methods and fraud management tools. Uniquely, The IPG Gateway has emerged as a top choice for our merchants and suppliers.

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IPG's Products

Subscription Management

Identically, It’s a perfect tool for companies selling web-based software apps, software services or subscription-based services. We also support on-demand subscriptions, one-time purchases, multiple subscription plans including free trials, coupon management system.

Analytics and Revenue Reporting

You will be able to count all your customers. Moreover, new subscribers month by month or a custom range dates to suit the exact needs of your project. Finally, Check all successful payments and profits, possible refunds, renewal activities and more.

Recurring Payments

Firstly, You only have to assign your customers to a plan. We will deal with the billing on a monthly basis. Your customers will also have the option to upgrade or downgrade subscriptions. Analyze all plans and subscriptions, Billing cycle, billing date.


Block funds when a customer places an order. If the order is modified or cancelled within a week, process instant refund without paying any charges.

Security & Reliability

Importantly, Minimize payment security risks with PCI Service Provider and protect your customers’ digital data. Besides, Two-factor authentication Security also Available.

Marketplace Payments

Our platform can provide you with automatic marketplace payments by separating profit percentages, centralizes payment accounts.

Online Invoices

Customize online invoices with the way you want. Add your business logo, your organization address and more. Importantly, All essential information such as the billing period, the next bill date etc appears in one place.

Custom Checkout Pages

We provide you with the proper tools to build professional looking checkout forms. You can also use HPP(Hosted Payment Page).

CMS Platform Integration

You can manually set up your personal usage rules and chooses the appropriate payment provider based on your settings. We also provide Woo commerce, Open cart also Magneto Plugin.

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Frequently Asked Questions ?

  • From when can I get started?

    Firstly, you successfully fill-up the merchant application including furnish the listed required documents.Our Risk Team starts analyzing your business, So we can come up with. Once we receive the Application Fees, we will send you Welcome Email which includes how you can process payments. The time to process for IPG staff for one application is 3 Hours. So most of the time clause depends upon the Applicant's response time. We too have better ways to offer you. Next we will send you the Merchant Agreement, which you sign & send it back to us. Finally, you need to Pay us the Application Fees

  • What is your Communication?

    Email: support@internationalpaymentgateway.net

  • What is MDR Fees?

    Uniquely, Our MDR price starts from as low as 4.5% is our minimum MDR (Merchant Discount Rate) which we can offer. The MDR clearly depends upon the application filled by the merchant & the risk factor involved in it. However our Maximum MDR is 14% i.e. you get 86% of your Sales. Tech Support & Pharmacy – 14% (This may be varies to 9% also, depends on Monthly volume)

  • What is the payout cycle?

    We settle payouts Daily, Weekly, Monthly depending on your monthly volume.

  • Is there any Roll-Over Reserve? Any hold period?

    A rolling reserve is a strategy targeted to take care of the merchant and its financial institution as well as to keep away from the possible loss because of chargebacks.According to the business risk, there is Roll-Over Reserve between 5-10% . Businesses maintaining the Charge back/Return Ratio can also over -ride Roll-Over Reserve Clause. Holding Period: 10 Days Arrears

  • Will my payment terminal will be directly with Bank? Are you Bank?

    Yes, we eliminate PSP (Payment Service Providers), MSP (Merchant Service Providers) & Third Party Payment Processors. Our API enables you to directly process with the bank. Less middle parties, lower risks, better rates.

  • What will my customers see on their credit card statement?

    Your customer will see your business name & 10 digit toll free number on their payment statements. However you have mention in application Form descriptor name.

  • Is there any upfront or initial deposit?

    There is no initial deposits, however there is Application Fees of, Application Fees should be only received from the account you wish to get paid to.

  • Do you have a Charge Back Protection Program ?

    Yes, we do have Charge Back Protection Program which you will get notified 12 – 36 Hours before a customer's Charge back is being processed. You will either to Refund the Transaction or Fight the Charge back. Since most of the High-Risk Industry has MOTO / Card Absent Environment charges, we recommend our Merchants to quickly refund the customers than fighting a difficult charge back. Our Charge Back Ration 15%

  • Which Currencies does Support ?

    Supports many different currencies both for making charges and for transferring to your associated bank accounts.

  • How many day to go LIVE?

    3-10 Working Days, Depends up on response from Merchant for further documents.

  • When can I start Accepting Payments?

    Once your Account Approved, You can start Immediately

  • Can I Integrate in my website?

    You will be provided with API details to integrate Payment Gateway in website

  • If I do not have website, can I get Merchant Account?

    No, we would need a website to validate your products that you sell to ensure that we abide to the anti-money laundering act.

  • How long it takes to receive Payout into my Account?

    This will depends on Normal Bank WIRE transfer Times.

  • How do I SIGN Up?

    Please find Merchant Application Form attached In Mail. Fill the Form and revert to us.